Model Results

  • Global Air Quality Forcast

  • The GEOS-CF (composition forcasting) system, with global ~25-km resolution, combines:
  • The GEOS model/assimilation system (meteorology, transport, 鈥?
  • Aerosols from NASA鈥檚 GOCART module
  • Dynamic emissions modules (flow-dependent; observation constrained)
  • The GEOS-Chem chemical mechanism
  • Many (NASA) observations of physical and chemical parameters
  • Data are continuously downloaded from server and plotted and made a live video here.

    NASA GEOS-CF global forcast for total PM2.5

    Zoomed over China

    Zoomed over California

    Over selected cities

    Data credit: Steven Pawson and Christoph A. Keller from NASA Global Modeling and Assimilation Office (GMAO).